What You Can Learn From ROME Traffic

Ever been to Rome?

Then you’ve probably experienced some of the craziest, most chaotic traffic imaginable. To me, only Bangkok, Cairo & the major cities of India surpass Rome’s sea of cars, motorcycles and buses.

Years ago I landed in the Eternal City to shoot on-location for a large church group. My primary assignment was to film an in-depth look at spirituality (or lack thereof) in Italy. Our camera crew rented a car in Rome to stow our gear and so we could move around more dependably.

As I was filling out the paperwork, the Italian rental agent gave me one BIG (and memorable) piece of advice. Just before handing me the car keys, he looked at me and said, “To drive in Rome, you must always concentrate on what’s in FRONT of you. Never worry about what’s BEHIND you. Leave that to the drivers back there. Just pay attention to where you’re going – and what’s in front of you.”

His simple, but expert advice worked splendidly. As I drove, I quickly adjusted to what and who was driving in front of me, caring little about the snarl of honking traffic behind. I hardly looked in my rearview mirror; those cars following me didn’t matter. I began to drive like a Roman.

That rental car agent’s advice years ago works well as a principle for living life itself. Concentrate on what’s in FRONT of you (present & future). Give little or no concern to what’s BEHIND you (your past).

You can’t change where you’ve been. But you can determine where you’re going. Spend most of your time looking out your front windshield, spend very little of your energy glancing at the rearview mirror.

Only when you are focusing on what’s in front of you  – not where you’ve been or what’s behind you – will you truly succeed.


2 thoughts on “What You Can Learn From ROME Traffic

  1. Good advice. But when I was in Rome in May I was a bit disappointed by the traffic. It was nothing like the chaos I remembered from the 80s. Most of the centre is now a restricted traffic zone, so permits are needed. The Colosseum is no longer in the middle of a huge roundabout. The Romans seem to have been tamed. To find real traffic chaos, now you need to go to the Far East.

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