No International Man of Mystery

A few years ago Mike Myers carved a special niche for himself into the film world by creating, writing and performing the role of Austin Powers across three popular films. A spoof on the 1960s Bond films, Myers blended equal parts action, comedy, satire and farce to great effect. Jetting across multiple time periods, locations and settings, Powers was a throwback to the dashing spies who could wear a tux, drink a Vesper martini, bed a gorgeous woman and drive exotic race cars – while foiling a fiendish plot to take over the world. Just make sure not to gnaw on your kitty and, oh,  better stay clear of the frickin’ laser beams.

So, is there any International Man of Mystery in me? Probably not. International – yes. Mystery – no. The Man part is already set, believe me. But what I do have are a wealth of unique, valuable experiences (and observations) culled from extensive world travel – considerable time well spent amidst a multitude of cultures, beliefs and languages. Years of my life have been spent on foreign soil. Some of it picturesque, other parts desolate.

I’ve said for ages that a good traveller is much like white rice: he or she absorbs the various flavors of the many places and peoples they’ve rubbed up against. Blessed does not even begin to describe what I have seen, heard and experienced. Lucky me.

One of my creative gifts is that of writer. I’ve known that since age 16 when my high school journalism articles landed an unexpected, prestigious award. Writing opened a whole new world for me. This blog just might prove to be an extension of those talents – and that world.

Where this blog steers itself remains to be seen. This simple entry is just Step 1. But the posts along the way – I promise – are dedicated to being both interesting and provocative.


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